Support Local

The Laois Gift Card is a way to recognise and reward employees while supporting local businesses. With the fantastic range of shops The Laois gift card is also the ideal gift for special occasions including Birthdays, Weddings, Christmas gift, Mother's Day, Thank You gift etc. The list of local retailers who are accepting the card is regularly updated.


Accepted in over 50 outlets in-store right across Co. Laois, The Laois Gift Card offers a huge range of options for your staff. Whether they want to treat themselves to a new outfit, a fancy meal or the latest technology, their reward will be meaningful to them.

Cards may also be activated/ordered from the comfort of your desk.

BIK Savings

Reward your employees with up to €500 on a Laois Gift Card completely tax-free under the Small Benefits Exemption scheme. Your reward will be exempt from Income Tax, Universal Social Charge (USC) and employee & employer’s PRSI.

Reward & Recognition Manager

The Recognition & Reward Manager allows for multiple rewards to be issued to an employee while still availing of the Revenue’s €500 Small Benefit Exemption.

This takes the total value of awards into one tax saving pool, maximising the full €500 available.

It minimises the tax liability where employees are recognised multiple times in a year.

Even more importantly, it provides a report for Revenue, to ensure compliance and oversight.

Learn more about the Reward & Recognition Manager at